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Smartest is the analysis tool that helps you understand what really drives your team members to collaborate cohesively and effectively.
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Inaction conceals talent.

Recognize the signs before small mismatches become big obstacles.
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Different challenges, same problems

Each organization faces unique challenges

Whether it's a startup looking for traction, an established company struggling to innovate, a university trying to foster academic collaboration, or a sports club looking to win.

A lack of cohesion in your teams can be lethal.
Communication problems and misunderstandings.
Loss of individual and collective motivation.
Inefficiency, low productivity and frustration.
Beyond intuition and subjectivity

Don't leave it to chance

In the absence of an effective methodology that can predict the cohesiveness, balance and executive capacity of a team, we have left team building to intuition, subjective opinion and, in many cases, the recommendation of third parties.
Our intuition may be influenced by our own interests and prejudices.
Other people's opinions are often biased when evaluating others.
Our feelings, beliefs and personal values are not based on objective data or facts.
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¿Por qué asumir un riesgo innecesario?

Two pillars

Beyond the visible, there is a world of potential waiting to be explored in any team. Smartest reveals that potential thanks to these two pillars: applied neuroscience and predictive technology.
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The power of applied neuroscience

Behavior can be predicted and enhanced

Science teaches us that the essence of our personality has biological roots, just like inherited physical traits. This understanding breaks the mold of traditional team management, revealing that a team's behavior is predictable and can be optimized based on its personality.

Smartest has reinvented itself to go beyond making predictions. Not only do we understand the personality structure of each individual, but we also deliver customized strategies for each type of organization: startups seeking agility, established companies protecting their legacy, universities fostering critical thinking, and sports clubs seeking excellence.
Discover hidden strengths: With our tool, each member of your organization can understand and use their unique strengths for the benefit of the collective.
Build on the diversity of personalities: Learn how individual differences can strengthen collaboration and innovation within your team.
Prepare your team for sustained success: With our insights, you can prepare your team not only for today's challenges but to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing future.
The power of technology

An algorithm can predict better than human judgement

This reflection, inspired by the thinking of the renowned psychologist Daniel Kahneman, reminds us that human intuition can be surpassed by algorithms that objectively process data.

Smartest's technology and methodology provides a predictive analysis of team behavior, which is crucial for all types of organizations seeking to improve their internal dynamics.

Innovation, accountability, leadership and collaboration. These are the four capabilities on which you will be able to analyze the capacity of each person, and of the team as a whole.
Understand, at a glance, why a team behaves the way it does, and how it will behave in the future.
Find the keys for any team to work in a cohesive, balanced and effective way.
Quickly identify the next step to boost the performance of any team.
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The formula

The capabilities of a balanced team

Balancing the capabilities of team members, especially in terms of innovation vs. responsibility and leadership vs. collaboration, is crucial, especially when facing challenges and innovating.
En el núcleo de cada equipo cohesivo yace de una fusión única: la creatividad estimulada por la innovación y la efectividad garantizada por la responsabilidad.

This essential balance, complemented by leadership and seamless collaboration, not only drives ideas, but also ensures their transformation into concrete results.

Science at the service of cohesive teams

Easy and intuitive to use

Visualize, analyze and decide, in 3 simple steps.

The resulting value of combining science and technology may be hard to digest, but getting started with Smartest is not.

Create a Team

1. Click the "New team" button
2. Enter the team’s name
3. Invite your members to join

Invite Team Members

1. Send an email to each person you want to be part of the new team
2. Each person will receive instructions on how to join the team
3. As they complete the process, you will see how their data shapes the analysis presented on the team's page

Visualize, Analyse, and Decide

1. Upon receiving the data, you will be able to see what the status of the team is: balanced, needs attention, or high-risk.
2. Analyse the information and recommendations about the team
3. Decide how to help your team achieve its goals

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Specialist in financial management and direction, tax system and foreign trade, with experience in multinational environments.

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